Meet Steph

Hi! I’m Stephanie Gigliotti, but you can call me Steph. Welcome to my Real Life! Most people know me from my platforms across social media and I wanted a way to post my recipes, ideas, tips and life where it was easy to find, so I started this blog to keep everything in one place!

My hope is to inspire creativity to make recipes your own, because cooking meals should be fun, not a chore. And the more excited you are to be in the kitchen, the more excited your kids will be. Cooking is an important life skill we should teach kids as soon as possible! I did not grow up in the kitchen. I learned from watching cooking shows on tv, taking classes, and on the internet! I ate boxed mac and cheese well into my late twenties, until I had my own kids and realized I needed to learn how to make real food if I didn’t want to make boxed dinners for the rest of my life. I found how much I loved to cook and bake.

My food is uncomplicated, not fancy, and far from a 5 star restaurant. But it is delicious, easy, family friendly, and fun! Life is too short to not have fun doing something we have to do every single day; don’t you agree!? Welcome to my little corner of the internet, I’m so happy you’re here! Steph

Fun Facts!

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and am a die hard Steeler fan. My husband is also from Pittsburgh. I’ve also lived in Nashville, Tennessee (where my daughter was born), in Orlando, Florida (where my son was born), and now live outside of Mobile, Alabama (where my other son was born).

I have a twin sister! She’s an art teacher and a VERY talented artist.

My two oldest kids have red hair that they get from my husband’s mother. Everyone thinks they’re Irish, but my husband’s family is 100% Italian.

My last name is pronounced like gelato, (the ice cream) but with an EEE at the end. So, it sounds like gelatee.

While in Orlando, I worked for The Walt Disney Company for 7 years and it was absolutely amazing!

My Favs